Extra murals

At Shelanti Private School we offer a variety of extra murals! If you would like to know what we have to offer, take some time and watch our video below:


  • A maximum of 12 learners in Grade 1 and 2, a maximum of 14 learners from Grade 3 to 7.
  • A Whole Brain approach to academics.
  • Experienced, highly qualified, empathetic and caring staff that are specifically trained in remedial teaching and learning barriers.
  • A multi-disciplinary team, working in close liaison with the class teacher.
  • A multi-sensory approach to learning.
  • The recognition of different learning styles and brain preferences.
  • Concessions for Grades 4-7 include: scribes, readers, visual aids, extra time, laptops, tablets, voice recording of lessons (optional and subject to application).
  • Annual participation in the Conquesta Olympiad and the Metro North Education District Maths Competition.
  • CAPS curriculum as per National standards. Lessons have been adapted to suit each learners' specific learning style.


Specialist Academic Support:

  • Regular parent workshops.
  • 6 week Perceptual Programme for all Grade 1 learners, which commences at the start of each new academic year.
  • Brain profiling for all learners.
  • Integration of Cognet thinking skills for all learners. (COGNET (Cognitive Enrichment Network Education Model) click here to read more)
  • Language development and auditory processing in addition to the standard curriculum.
  • Individual Support Plans for each learner, reviewed every 6 months.
  • An all-inclusive reading, comprehension and vocabulary programme in addition to the standard curriculum.
  • Bridging classes for Grade 4 learners.
  • Support of specific barriers to learning by providing visual clues, as well as the aforementioned concessions.
  • Integrated Team Boards (Interactive white boards) in all Intermediate Phase classes.
  • Identifying brain profiles and promoting whole brain thinking. For more information please visit Whole Brain Thinking.


A Unique Discipline Programme:

  • Monday Assemblies are dedicated to learners receiving certificates for non-academic achievements.
  • A positive, solutions based discipline system.
  • On-going recognition.
  • Quarterly, individual goal setting and strategies.
  • The goal for each learner is to come to the realisation that they are wonderfully unique and have a gift to offer the world
  • To build character, integrity and responsibility through mentoring and leadership.


Cultural Programmes:

  • Celebrating special occasions and events on our Annual National calendar i.e. Arbour week, Water week, Bio-Diversity week and Spring day, Valentines Day picnic, Kindness Day to name a few.
  • Annual VIP Day (Moms, Dads, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Uncles and Aunties! Anyone special is invited!
  • Annual Art Exhibition


Extra Mural:


Aftercare and homework classes exclusive to Shelanti learners:

ABC tutors and Aftercare is a privately owned after school care facility, made available to our learners