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How do I ensure that my child has a good day at school?

School can be a very overwhelming and often frustrating experience, there are certain steps that a parent can take to relieve some of the stress and make their children’s schooling experience a more enjoyable one. Below are 10 simple tips that will help your child have a good day at school Be strict about a […]

Teaching Independence And Responsibility

Teaching Your Child Independence And Responsibility

This week I want to focus on these two skills: Independence and Responsibility. Let’s look at the importance of independence. Why is this such a vital skill to master? Independence Creates: Confidence A sense of self A “can-do” attitude It cultivates, patience, grit, self-drive and most importantly self-trust. Without independence, your child will not develop […]

Preparing Your Child For First Grade

Preparing your child for 1st grade

Hints to parents The transition from preschool to grade 1 is an exciting time for your children, however, this can also be a very frightening time as they leave behind the comfort of a home-like atmosphere for a more structured environment. In the first year of “big school,” your child will attain vast amounts of […]