Where it all began…

 I wanted to create an environment where high standards are set, strict rules and norms apply, but in a safe environment where there is no judgement.  An environment where each learner is accepted unconditionally and supported despite specific difficulties.

Teaching learners life and thinking skills has always been my passion.  I knew that in today’s society you need more than know-how.  We therefore include a self-esteem programme in our Life Skills learning area.  Here we address relevant topics e.g. “My Talents”, how to be a friend, why people are different (see Whole Brain Thinking) and other related themes.

We have also been using the Cognet CEA programme with great success.  Here we mediate the tools of learning e.g. feeling of competence, goal orientation, self-development and the feeling of belonging to name but a few.

The other aspect of the Cognet CEA model is the building blocks of learning e.g. getting the main idea, connecting events, selective attention and approach to task.

It is a general misconception that a remedial school follows a different curriculum and that their standard of teaching is lower.  We have dedicated ourselves to prove the exact opposite.  We write the annual Conquesta Olympaid and all our classes receive an average of above 70%.  We also write the annual Living Maths Olympaid with similar results.  One of our Shelanti alumni, Liam Carr, was invited to the region’s prize giving and received a Silver Diploma.

 At Shelanti we follow the Western Cape Department of Education’s curriculum but adapt our teaching methods to our learner’s different styles of learning. Hence the higher level of achievement and the fast pace of work.

At Shelanti Remedial School I am fortunate to have a team of people who are passionate about teaching, children and high levels of achievement.  A staff that accepts nothing but the best from themselves and their learners.

Deirdré Kempen

Principal and Founder

MiniChess Franchisee

NBI Consultant

GoFocus Practitioner

(HDE Junior Primary, Specialising in Remedial teaching, FDE, the Gifted Child)