About Us


Shelanti Remedial School in Parklands’ vision is to provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the appropriate life skills so that they may become assertive, responsible and accountable members of society. At Shelanti Private School we strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance, mutual respect, creativity and dignity for all. We are a school with an inclusive learning environment. Our aim is to provide an individual approach to all our students by focusing on their unique talents, aptitude and learning styles. We focus on the process of learning and celebrate each achievement, ensuring academic excellence. Shelanti follows and excels in the National Curriculum (CAPS).

Upon enrolment, each learner’s brain preference is identified, using the tools formulated by the Neethling Brain Institute. These learning and student profiles are then considered in the teachers’ lesson plans to guarantee optimal learning for all. This tool then also ensures that our learners become Whole Brain learners who can adapt to any situation. Fostering creativity is at the core of the learning process. The ability to think creatively is crucial to preparing our learners to succeed in any learning and working environment. We also focus on developing a resourceful home environment by equipping parents with educational material.

Shelanti Remedial School recognises that each learner is an individual with a unique emotional profile. Without emotional nurturing, no learning can take place. We, therefore, profile each learner’s temperament, allowing more insight into each learner’s emotional behaviour. If needed, an intervention plan is then designed to suit the learner’s emotional needs.

The following programme of support is implemented at Shelanti. It comprises structured means of intervention, delivered within specific time frames:

  • The use of devices and technology by our learners supports the curriculum differentiation This is a key strategy for responding to the needs of learners with diverse learning styles and/or needs.
  • Goal setting for each learner allows us to continually assess the progress and successes of each learner.
  • Concessions, i.e. scribes, readers, extra time, spelling concessions, are granted.
  • Creating an Individual Support Plan (ISP) for each learner which highlights barriers and interventions. This ISP is revised each term and discussed with the parent.
  • Ensuring smooth transition into the high school of their choice.
  • Continual training and mentoring of staff is another way that Shelanti keeps up with new developments and strategies in education and remains relevant.

Frequently asked questions

Are you registered with the Department of Education?

Yes, we have been registered since March 2009.

Should my child remain at Shelanti until the end of Grade 7, where do I send them afterward?

As our learners all have good intellectual abilities, they will have no difficulty in joining any of the good high schools in our area. Consideration will be given to possible career choices when recommending a high school. Concessions (extra time/laptop/tape recorder/scribe/reader) will be recommended if necessary. Learners can be transferred to a mainstream school of your choice.

COMING 2019!!

Should you recognise a need to move away from the CAPS curriculum offered at these schools, the Shelanti GED Centre of Excellence may be an option for your child.

When can my child be “mainstreamed”?

We cannot answer this question upon enrolment. What we can say for certain, however, is that the learner will be required to finish a phase (Foundation Phase: Grades 1-3 and Intermediate Phase: Grade 4-7) before consideration will be given to the option of mainstreaming.

How many learners are there in a class?

Grades 1 and 2 will have a maximum of 12 learners.

Grade 3 to 7 have a maximum of 14 learners in a class.

– This is to combat barriers to learning that come with overcrowded classrooms, a lack of teaching assistants.

What is Shelanti’s approach to discipline?

Shelanti uses a positive discipline program. This program focuses on solutions, strategies, and choices. Through this program, valuable skills are learned (e.g. brainstorming, co-operation, solution-seeking, and respect for other’s opinions.) We strive to acknowledge each learner’s individuality by focusing on their strengths and supporting. An example of our positive discipline programs is the “Wheel of Choice”. This wheel provides an excellent way to focus on solutions.

Is this not going to turn into a dumping ground for problematic children?

Upon application, we require a detailed account of the history of each learner. Every teacher or professional that has assessed or worked with the learner will be contacted for a full history. We screen every learner that applies for enrolment. This screening is then added to all the information we have received. This gives us a holistic picture of the learner. Strict enrolment criteria have been compiled for Shelanti Private School to prevent us from enrolling learners that will not benefit from our approach.

Does Shelanti have any extra mural activities?

The following extra murals are available at Shelanti Private School:

* Marimbas

* Tag Rugby

* Kids Who Can

* Vocal Group

* SNAG Golf

* Hockey

* Chess coaching

All contact details and fees for extra murals are available under Fee Structures