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To see children thrive and perform where they have previously failed has been the greatest joy and blessing for us....

Posted by Shelanti Private School on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Who Are We

Shelanti Private School is a registered, private, remedial school in the Blaauwberg area, that caters for children with Average to High Average Intellectual Potential, with mild to moderate support needs including dyslexia, dyscalculia, apraxia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, concentration difficulties and autistic spectrum syndromes.  Shelanti Private School believes in a holistic approach to learning and considers a strong self-esteem and self-confidence as crucial to successful learning. Shelanti Private School’s environment is small, loving and accepting, with class sizes that range from 8-14 learners. Shelanti Private School uses an inclusive teaching approach to learning, which is the key to inclusivity.

Inclusive teaching refers to the creation of a learning environment which provides all learners, regardless of their specific learning difficulty, with the opportunity to fulfil their learning potential.

Inclusive teaching describes the range of approaches to teaching, that consider the diverse needs of all learners to create a learning environment where all students feel valued and where all learners can thrive.

  • Shelanti Private School adheres to all the requirements of the National Curriculum, CAPS. Our focus is on 21st Century skills development and not purely content. These skills include: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technological literacy and flexibility. This ensures high academic standards and a smooth transition into institutions that use different approaches.  The curriculum is presented and unlocked according to each learners’ strengths. This differs from other schools, where the curriculum is the focus and all learners are expected to adapt to one specific style of teaching and learning.

The intellect of the learners at Shelanti Private School is recognised and is taught in the unique manner in which they learn, they flourish emotionally and excel academically. (See Alumni )At Shelanti we use different approaches to achieve these aspects.

We consider Sensory Play and Sensory Exercises as crucial to the success of all our learners. Movement is used daily and forms part of the curriculum. Movement benefits students’ work and behaviour in school; their understanding of difficult concepts, their retention of learned information, and their lifelong health and well-being. Movement is one of the most beneficial ways for ALL children to engage and retain the information they are being taught in school.

All the learners at Shelanti Private School have a sensory profile allowing the educators to generate specific exercises according to these profiles.

We recognise the 9 forms of intelligence (Howard Gardner) and merge this knowledge with the instruments of the Kobus Neethling Institute.

Every learner’s teaching and learning preference is determined using Kobus Neethling’s instruments. These profiles now guide the educators to the learners’ different learning styles. Educators can therefore prepare lessons, assessments and homework tasks accordingly.

Shelanti Private School recognises the technological needs of the 21st Century learner. We therefore integrate Coding and Robotics in our curriculum. This allow the learners to use the “language” that come naturally to them all. They learn crucial 21st century skills such as creativity, grit, perseverance, problem solving and collaboration to name a few.

Google Classroom is used as the platform to share tasks and projects. This platform encourages autonomy, independence and accountability.

Life Skills forms an important aspect of the curriculum as it includes Performing and Visual Arts. Visual Art is a focal point at Shelanti and forms an intrinsic part of our integration model.

Dear Parents

We celebrated Shelanti’s 10th birthday on 15 July 2019. I couldn’t but reflect on our humble beginnings in 2008 and how far we have come.

Shelanti started in a small house in July 2008 with no enrolments. This did not deter me as I was determined to start a school where children would be loved, accepted and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

This was no small feat as we made the choice not to approach investors or shareholders. Together with my husband, I decided to fund and run the school privately. This was the only way we would be able to serve the needs of each child accepted. During that year we enrolled our first three learners and started the first grade 1 and grade 2 classes. Christa Eksteen took the leap of faith with me and taught the two grade 2 learners and I taught the only grade 1 enrolment.

By the end of 2008 we had enrolled 19 learners. We added a grade each year and in 2013 our first grade 7’s graduated from Shelanti. They are now our first matriculants.

We were fortunate to procure land in 2011 and built the premises we now occupy. I taught grade 1 for the next 6 years and the experience was life changing.

Success can be measured in many ways but the staff of Shelanti  measure our  success by how our dedication, passion and unconditional love changes the lives of not only the children who join Shelanti, but their families as well. To see children  thrive and perform where they have previously failed has been the greatest joy and blessing for us.  Shelanti has passed the test of time and is now a school with an excellent reputation.

The understanding from the start was that we would have a strict enrolment policy if we are to bring out the best in each child.  We will not compromise our criteria for accepting learners at the school and that is why our classes are small.  Our learners who leave us to join bigger schools, excel academically and have a sense of self far beyond their peers.

People often ask what is the key to your success? The answer is easy: employ people who share your passion, dedication and love for teaching. I have been both privileged and blessed to have been surrounded by such people since Shelanti opened its doors.

Shelanti will always distinguish itself from other schools because it is privately owned. This affords us the freedom and flexibility to make the individual needs of each and every child our collective priority.

We are determined to make a difference in the lives of our learners. We will continue to dedicate ourselves, in this way, to investing in our society/community.

D Kempen


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