Daisy has always been a happy soul with a permanently sunny disposition, and an inquisitive mind. She started Grade 1 with great enthusiasm but as the year progressed, we could see that she was battling academically, which in turn, affected her emotionally.

As Grade 2 commenced, the well-established mainstream school she was in assured us they could accommodate her learning challenges, and so began the long and fruitless journey of additional academic support. When other children were outside chasing a ball, she would be indoors trying to make head or tail of the work in front of her. Homework was an absolute nightmare, taking anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. She was gradually losing her interest to learn. An avid singer, constantly making up songs, she seemed to lose her zeal to sing too. The house became quieter.  

Grade 3 brought us a gift in a teacher who both adored our little girl, and equally had an inquisitive approach to Daisy’s learning difficulties. She was convinced that it wasn’t that she wasn’t smart, because Daisy astounded her with her ability to solve complex issues but fail to complete simple sequences. At this phenomenal teacher’s request that we had our daughter tested by an educational psychologist. She was diagnosed with dyslexia.

We researched numerous schools and discovered that Shelanti was the perfect fit for Daisy…but there was a two-year waiting list. We were heart-broken. As we continued the academic journey into Grade 4, we could see Daisy’s emotional health declining rapidly due to the strain of not being able to connect with what she was learning. As we were making the difficult decision of pulling her out of her then-current school with the mind of hiring a tutor while we tried to figure out what to do next, a miracle happened.

A spot at Shelanti became available. The very first day that Daisy attended the school for testing and orientation, she came home beaming and stated, “I never want to leave Shelanti!” She barely slept with excitement at the prospect of returning the next day.

Deidre’s recommendation was non-conventional but was obviously geared to make sure to make sure that Daisy could learn, be challenged and grow. Communication with us was constant and clear. Deidre and her team changed our family’s life. They went the extra mile to make sure that Daisy got back on track academically but inadvertently, made her feel accepted and heard. She no longer dreaded school.

Our beautiful child not only found her happy learning space at Shelanti, she found her lost song. Our home was filled with her vibrato again.

We are so grateful for the Shelanti team. They have shown that professionalism accompanied by compassion is the key to building young minds effectively.


Let me take a moment again this year to acknowledge Shelanti and its staff for the great work they do.  My wife and I had tears in our eyes as we read Daniel’s report this term. The metamorphosis that Shelanti has brought about in Daniel will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated.  It’s always great to see good marks in your child’s report, but even more heart-warming are the remarks which show the growth Daniel is achieving under the guidance and care of the staff at Shelanti.  Please can you also pass our appreciation onto Ms. Long. I though Ms. T was a once in a lifetime find, but believe we struck gold again in Ms. Long.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Another rewarding year has come to an end for us at Shelanti which has seen Sasha grow

academically and as an individual in leaps and bounds. She has become an independent, confident, self-assured little girl that is ready to take on the world. This is due to the guidance and love from you and your amazing staff. My little girl has blossomed in the time that she has been at Shelanti.Thanks to you and the awesome team of teachers and helpers you have working with you for taking such good care of our children.


Isabella Schacht

Our 10 year old daughter is beautifully different.  She has had many challenges to overcome and we are so proud of her perseverance, her achievements and her growth.  She would not be the child she is today had we not found her “happy place”, which is Shelanti Private School.

Three years ago our sweet girl started at Shelanti.  She was unsure of herself, struggled with most things she tackled and often became very down about her limitations.  Thanks to the guidance of wonderful teachers, smaller classes, a passionate principal and loving staff our daughter has defied all odds and is thriving.  We are so grateful to the staff at Shelanti for accepting her as she is and celebrating all her achievements , no matter how small.

I too have learnt so much being part of the Shelanti family.  I’ve learnt the importance of respect, tolerance, perseverance and celebrating all achievements. Our younger daughter joined Shelanti in the 2nd term of this year after a difficult start to Grade 1. The progress she has made at Shelanti in 3 terms is astonishing.

Thank you to all the staff at Shelanti for guiding our girls to becoming confident, happy individuals.


Rebekah Brown, Grade 7, 2015

Dear Deirdre

I have taken a long time to write this very overdue letter but I have felt that there would be a right time to do so. This letter has been thought through on many levels over a long period and hopefully now is the time to write it.

Rebekah started at Shelanti almost half way through Grade 3. She moved over from Elkanah leaving all her friends and everything she and we knew behind. It was a big move. Our lives up until that point had been difficult oft times anxious as we sought ways and means to help her cope with her learning challenges. Right from nursery school, we had been made aware of Rebekah’s challenges. In nursery school, at the tender age of 3, we had been told that she didn’t know her colours. At the time, we being first time parents and naïve ones at that, were of the impression that she was too young to know her colours anyway! The following year she started at Elkanah and the challenges became more and more pronounced as she progressed through the early foundation phase. Finally, after various therapies and visits to Psychologists, Rebekah was defined as Dyslexic with ADD symptoms. It was at this stage that Elkanah informed us they could not assist us. We were left at a complete loss as to what to do. I cannot imagine what we would have done if Shelanti hadn’t existed.

IMG_8545Shelanti was God’s answer to our prayers. The transition was difficult but within a very short time, Rebekah settled into the school. Shelanti helped Rebekah identify her strengths and how to work around her weaknesses. They offered readers and scribes to assist her during the exams while at the same time teaching her to work independently. Rebekah learned to read and write and not only that, developed a love for reading and writing.

A recent visit to Dr Brenda van Rooyen indicated quite unusually, in fact, Brenda said that in all her years of therapy she had never come across it, Rebekah had developed new pathways in her brain that work around her Dyslexia enabling her to read and write like anyone that doesn’t have Dyslexia.

I want you to know what has happened to Rebekah since her graduation from Grade 7 into High School. She is now very happily ensconced at CBC. Rebekah has found her wings. This year Rebekah met with Jesus in a very real way and He has revealed to her that she needs to work really hard and to seek Him in all things. The Grade 8s were told that they could earn an honours blazer in Grade 12 and this has lit a fire in her. Not only that but she has her heart set on going to study in Oxford, England. My daughter is not the same. She has gone from failing Maths last term to getting between 70 and 85 percent on average. Her English Teacher is blown away by her ability to write and her love and passion for the subject.

I hope this might be an encouragement to anyone out there who might be experiencing some of the heartache and difficulty we experienced.

Thank you Shelanti, the love and passion for our children that you have sown will reap a harvest in the future. Children who may have been lost will become the leaders of the future.

May the Lord continue to bless your work. With much love and appreciation,

Julia, Graham and Rebekah Brown

Hunter Berry, Grade 7, 2016

When asked about her experience at Shelanti, Hunter had one word: FABULOUS! – and I tend to agree! From day one, the staff (admin & teachers) have been supportive – not only of Hunter, but of the whole family. This support & dedication has helped Hunter tremendously with her school work, but I think more importantly, with her attitude. She loves school, is interested in the work (we have long discussions about it) and has grown so much as a person. Where she would cringe at the thought of speaking to anyone new, and wasn’t exactly chatty at the best of times, she now engages with people readily. She’s also eager to get involved in new experiences, and has developed a real sense of responsibility & service above self – she wants to help & enjoys taking care of people. I would definitely recommend Shelanti – it’s a fantastic school run by fantastic people! Any chance you want to start a high school before 2017? - Liz Berry


Aidan Auret, Grade 7, 2016

My son attended Blouberg Ridge from Grade 1 to Grade 6.  He was diagnosed with ADD when he was 7 years old.

Although he has been a wonderful child to raise, at times it was a battle.  People who don’t know this condition, often judge these children and by doing so, they feel like they are indeed different.  It becomes a part of who they are as they get “labelled” from a very young age.  As happy as we were with Blouberg Ridge, there was something that was lacking or should I say, something more we needed for Aidan.

Last year, our prayers were answered.  Shelanti had an opening for a few children, and Aidan’s name was put forward.  I knew immediately that this was a step in the right direction, as when Aidan went for an “open-day” visit, it was all he could talk about for the weeks to come.


I was a little nervous, to be honest, as it was a big deal in my life.  I always believed that a child needs a good grounding with as little change as possible in their lives.  To consider moving schools after 6 years, was certainly a very big deal in our lives.

But I am so glad that we made the decision to send Aidan to Shelanti.  My son has become confident,  grown up overnight and you can see a desire he has in himself, to succeed.  He no longer feels labelled, or pushed to the side, he feels a part of a family, worthy and wanting to learn.  It’s ok to be different as not everything in life is a negative.  ADD can be a huge positive in anyone’s lives, if it is handled and nurtured.

Shelanti is without a doubt, the best decision we made.  The teachers are absolutely amazing with the children and the relationships built, will last forever. - Desraye Auret


Matthew Crocker, Grade 7, 2016

For Matthew, the experience in the Grade 7 class was just what he needed to gear him for Grade 8 next year. The way of teaching is on a much more understandable and interesting level, and the individual attention he got when not understanding something has helped a lot. Matthew is so much more confident than what he was before. I would highly recommend Shelanti! - Adele Crocker


Daniel Van Schoor (Grade 2, 2017)

I believe the time is right to give you some feedback on our first few months at Shelanti. Prior to Shelanti, we endured three long years of an unhappy child. Every day was a struggle and the impact on child, parents and family immense. I can now see that my boy is happy to come to school.  I pointed out, when we joined Shelanti, that my wish was for Daniel to be happy.  Thank you for being instrumental in getting us to this point.  I realize our journey is far from over and more challenges lie ahead, but I wanted to recognize the achievement and progress made.


I believe Daniel is thriving in the environment you have created. He is a delicate soul and all credit must go to all your staff for their understanding and handling of him.  Obviously with Ms. T playing a huge role in this process. I must also take the time to acknowledge all your pupils. I did not think that children so kind, caring and all round well-mannered existed anymore. I especially want to mention the children at Aftercare as it is them I see most.  Then last, but not least, thank you for creating this environment that has helped and will continue to help these vulnerable souls which can be so easily be broken. Well done and a big high-five to the whole of Shelanti, you have my respect and gratitude.

Kind regards, Wayne


Indigo Hawkins - Grade 7, 2015

Dearest Deirdre,

We cannot believe this wonderful Shelanti journey has come to an end! Hilton and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for Indi. YOU SAVED HER. We will always remember this...but this is not the end! We are going to be popping around regularly to give you updates on Indi's High School progress! With much love and gratitude,

Gil, Indi and Hilton Hawkins


Andrew McBride - Grade 3, 2015/Jason McBride - Grade 7, 2015

Dear Deirdre

My boys are settling in well so far at CBC.  A big learning curve for both kids but they are happy and enjoying life there. The kids from Shelanti who moved to CBC grade 8 are all in the same class except for Thomas.  They are slowly figuring things out, as are us parents.  It's a huge difference compared to Shelanti. Andrew is happy in grade 4.  He has a male teacher, their rugby coach, and is thoroughly enjoying being in his class.  He is already excelling at sport and has made the long jump team for his age group.  He has signed up for athletics, tennis, and cricket this term.  He would have signed up for more if there was time but he is learning that he can't do everything.  He is also continuing with karate outside of school.  Jason has signed up for tennis and CBC's social outreach club.  


Can't say much about academics as they are still getting settled in.  Jason had to draw a flowchart depicting photosynthesis.  His maths homework also had me temporarily stumped to the point that I had to use a calculator and work backwards to figure out the required methods.  BODMAS is not always obvious.  


They both gained a lot from Shelanti that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Hopefully the same will be true for CBC.  Kind Regards, Lee McBride

Oscar Berger, Grade 4, 2015

Dear Tointette

Thank you for your kind words to the Grade 4 parents. It is me who thanks you for having given Oscar his best school year ever. He cruised through the year without a single wobbly or conflict of any kind. Mrs Edwards, you clearly stand up for Shelanti’s motto.  Our next teacher better have giant feet for giant shoes!

EMG_2250I am for ever grateful to Shelanti for looking after my darling Oski with the respect, integrity and dedication that every child deserves. I say good bye knowing that Oscar walks out Shelanti’s door strong and confident.

Have a wonderful holiday. We will pop in, for sure! You are not getting rid of me that easy.

God bless, Oscar and Mamá

Thomas Sterland, Grade 7, 2015

Hi Deirdre

Well, Thomas was put in a class away from his friends from Shelanti so he was a bit down on his first day. But after the second day, as well as making new friends, he was back to his normal self.

IMG_8529Thomas has adjusted very quickly and coping very well with his school work and seems to be very popular as normal.

He really is enjoying life in high school, so I must say a big thank you to you and your staff for all that you have done for Thomas and the way he has turned out.

Big Thank You!


I am the proud mom to Aidan Ramlal. He has shown consistent improvement in his school work over the past 2 years at Shelanti and finished his last grade with high scores. His achievements have not only been limited to academics; socially and emotionally he has also blossomed.

But it wasn't always like this.

When Aidan joined Shelanti in March 2017, he had difficulty reading. This affected so many areas of his life, including his confidence.  I'm so thankful that Shelanti exists, without their approach and dedication my boy might still be struggling. Aidan was welcomed with open arms. The process was efficient and smooth and in a very short time the dedicated teachers and staff at Shelanti found the root cause of my son's learning difficulties, something that no one else picked up even though tests were done and concerns were raised. Shelanti had the solution!

On our journey so far, Aidan has become a confident reader and is growing into a well rounded individual.  One of my first memories of this school is their Monday morning assembly, where the children are recognized as individuals and celebrated as such speaking value into each person regardless of any challenge they may be facing. It's more than just getting on track with academics, it's about knowing your worth.Aidan proudly displays his medals and certificates at home. My boy knows he can reach for the stars, he has persevered and overcome challenges. I can honestly say Aidan would not be where he is today without all the love and support from all at Shelanti.

- Liesl


Well the first term is almost over so thought I’d let you know how Samuel was doing in high school. He has made a remarkable adjustment to high school, he is loving the sport & interactions with others .I can only thank you & your team of remarkable teachers again for preparing him & giving him the confidence to move on! The biggest change, apart from Parklands world of technology & eBooks, has been the adaption to  fact that he is now completely responsible for all homework, organising his books & lesson timetable. This has taken some time but he has learnt amazing fast.

High School has been a big change – they are treated as young adults & have to take responsibility. My best advice for your grade 6 & 7 class parents is to learn to take a step back & let the children learn to take responsibility for their own schedule, this will only help them when they get to high school where there is no spoon feeding! Sam is loving that he now has this responsibility & has blown us away by being so mature! Thank you all once again for the wonderful grounding you all provided us.....as you always say, it takes a village! 

- Tracey