This week I want to dedicate my letter to all the learners of Shelanti Private School.

The teachers of Shelanti are incredibly proud of you.

We know the past couple of weeks haven’t been easy. You had to adjust to a new routine and structure and for some of you is has been really difficult. Suddenly, you can’t spend time with your friends, get a hug from your teacher or attend any of the extra-mural activities that you love.

Your home became your school and your parents your teachers. This has been incredibly hard as mom and dad still needed to work and maintain the household. In addition, some of you have siblings, demanding more time from your parents and play dates are out of the question.

You are expected to sit in front of a screen and have the same dedication, enthusiasm and work-ethic that would be expected from you, if your teachers were there to guide and encourage you.

We also acknowledge that some days are just too hard and that it all seems too much.

At Shelanti, you have been taught that with perseverance, grit and hard work you can overcome anything. That when things get tough, you can make good choices.

Just remember that we are still here, still planning and creating inspiring lessons for you. You are the reason that we will be here, for as long as it takes, and we will do whatever is needed to get you through this.

Covid-19 will be written in History books and in years to come you will be able to tell your own story.


May your story be one of bravery and grit.

Hang in there.